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In 2011,Grünewelt founder Mons Hallson and German industrial designer Reinhold Mullen Berg in the establishment of a motor research laboratory.
In 2014, the laboratory officially changed its name to set up C&H。



Industrial Designer
Environmental Data Analyst
Electrical operator




●  1823          John and Charles Dean invented a new type of smoke protection device

●  World War II   The US government began to carry out radioactive material research, to filter all harmful particles, HEPA filter came into being

●  1963          
Germany invented a set of simple filtering device for household

●  1980
          almost every family in Germany will prepare air purification equipment

●  2011
          Mons laboratory, attention to project new motor and filter design

●  2012
          Grünewelt LR-800S electrostatic ion purification machine Market

●  2013
          To achieve the application of precision technology

●  2013
          Grünewelt products through the German GS certification

●  2014
          Mons Stockhausen C&H company registration completed

●  2016
          Grünewelt products are certified by German medical grade equipment


The European Centre for allergy medicine, which has been awarded a certificate of honor, is recommended for patients with allergies.

Medical certificate of air purifier system,More than 30 kinds of diseases have inhibition, remission and adjuvant therapy.



  LR-800S integrated air purification system, can effectively kill bacteria and harmful bacteria, mold, fungi, destroy pathogenic allergens, filter dust and toxic substances.      





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German Pforzheim, China Beijing, Swiss St.Gallen, France,Villejuif Buchkirchen, Austria, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Madrid Moscow Suadiye, Ukraine Ukraine,and other more than and 10 countries and regions to establish production cooperation.