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Indoor air purification and ionization, clean health not only, and is full of negative ions gives you energy. The anion in air is known as "air vitamin and longevity element", refers to the negatively charged oxygen ions. LR-800S system, to the human body is good for the health of human body. The anion in air can help relieve respiratory problems, make human body metabolism and blood pressure returned to normal; Relieve allergy, relieve fatigue, insomnia and stress. Through the free radical anion effect to suppress, even for life diseases such as chronic diseases and cancer also has a protective effect.

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Medicine, technology, engineering and standards

Schmalen Begg town was founded in 1244, since eighteenth Century has been the world's machinery, motor, chemical and industrial design center, relying on the periphery of Stuttgart industrial manufacturing, Grünewelt took the lead in the various types of motor structure and process adjustment, the development of new design route, based on the traditional fan, to achieve power output independent GDC the motor is more reliable and low noise effect.

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